PGCH Kinder Korner Sapphire

Registered 3rd Gen.
Birthday: March 5, 2018
Dam: BF Farm Allegra
Sire: Kinder Korner JJ’s Legacy

Evaluated as EEV 89

Jr. Reserve Champion – 2019 FoK Show #1
Jr. Grand Champion – 2019 FoK Show #3
Grand Champion – 2022 NEO Show #1, 2022 NEO Show #2

Sapphire is very stocky and wide. Both her parents come from awesome udder genetics. She has a good fore udder and large teats. She is one of our nicest does.

Sapphire was officially evaluated by the KGBA as a yearling as EEV 83 and as a 3 year old as EEV 89