Kinder Korner Princess Leia

Registered 3rd Gen.
Birthday: March 11, 2019
Dam: Kinder Korner Darcie
Sire: Kinder Korner Anakin

Evaluated as VVE 85

Grand Champion – 2023 TBK Show #1, 2023 TBK Show #3
Reserve Champion – 2023 TBK Show #2

Leia is linebed from our awesome nubian Maleigha. She inherited her amazing udder. When she was evaluated as a first freshener she scored higher on her mammary than any of our other does, almost a perfect score! Can’t wait to see her second freshening.

Her sire Anakin is a full sibling to Kinder Korner Opal.

Leia’s udder in 2021 as a first freshener

Leia was officially evaluated by the KGBA as a two year old and scored VVE 85