Herd Health

We believe the best goat is a healthy goat.

Kinders are made to be dual purpose, and hardy. We want our herd to be healthy and strong with as little intervention as possible.

Our Practices

Sanitation and good management is the main part of keeping your herd healthy.  The goats get free choice loose minerals, and free range pasture. We also feed chaffhaye, grain, and alfalfa hay. All goats have shelter to get out of the weather, and fresh clean water.

Every goat is given a CDT vaccine, a copper bolus, and a BO-SE shot (vitamin supplement) yearly. We only worm as needed.

Kids will be sent to their new homes, disbudded, tattooed, hoof trimmed, vaccinated, and given Baycox at weaning.

We test every animal above the age of 10 months old for CAE and CL.
We will do any further testing wanted at buyers expense.

Our entire herd has tested negative of CAE, Johnes, and CL (latest September 2023).