Kinder Goats For Sale

Here is a list of all our current Kinder goats for sale.


No adults available.


Amaryllis x Hype – 1 buckling
Sapphire x Scooby – 1 buckling

Updated 09/06/21
**2022 Kidding Schedule**
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About Our Kinders for Sale

Kinder goats are great mid-sized goats. They are friendly, smart, very personable, and a hoot to watch. They are shorter and they eat a lot less than the average goat, making them ideal for smaller homesteads and for families with kids.  With their carcasses supplying up to 60% meat, and good milk production they are good for both milk and meat.

Kinders are a great investment!  Not only will they bring happiness into your lives, but also fresh meat, and tasty dairy products.

We are located in Southern Illinois on the Missouri border but we travel throughout the year and will usually meet up or deliver for gas money to nearly any location in the US. 

Kids sell for $300-$400 depending on quality.

If you’d like to purchase one of our Kinder goats for sale, you can contact us to get on our waiting list. Please tell us your parent preferences and what your looking for, so we can find the best goats for your needs. Once babies are born, we will contact first come first served on the waiting list, of what is available to pick from. 

We will list any extras we have currently that are not spoken for on here.

If you want the most up to date list of Kinder goats for sale, want to get on our waiting list, or have any questions please feel free to contact us by going here.